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Initial Inspection
First, your casings are thoroughly inspected to ensure they meet our high retreading standards. Our inspectors look for every cut, bruise, and puncture, as well as other damage to the tire body. Repairs are made using strong, flexible Bandag repair materials.

Casing Analyzer
This is a pre-buff inspection that reduces costs as non-retreadable casings are removed sooner. Providing a bead to bead scan with unmatched accuracy.

The Bandag Non-Destructive Inspection
Ultrasonic inspection for damage hidden from visual inspection is performed, using the NDI Tire Casing Analyzer.

Buffing removes the old, worn tread design. The Bandag buffer works like a lathe as the tire is buffed, truing your inflated casing with utmost precision. That means a smoother running retread to satisfy your drivers and reduce vehicle maintenance.

Bandag repair materials are designed specifically for today's new generation tires. All repair procedures are an integral part of the total Bandag process. Nail hole injuries, crown injuries, and sidewall injuries can be repaired routinely. You save more valuable casings.

Cushion gum (the adhesive layer) is applied to the back of the exclusive Bandag tread. Tread rubber and cushion are applied to the casing while the tire is inflated to its normal running configuration. Cushion gum bonds the tough Bandag tread rubber to your casing. This bond becomes one of the strongest parts of the tire. It's what makes our Bandag retreads dependable.

Bandag bonds new tread rubber to your casing using a low curing temperature. Your tire is encased in a flexible rubber envelope and placed in a pressure chamber to prevent distortion. No excessive heat or rigid metal molds means your casings avoid the stress associated with other retreading processes.

Final Inspection
Every Bandag retread we produce is thoroughly inspected before it leaves our shop. The last place we want to discover a tire problem is after the tire is back in service. We're sure you would agree.

Fun & Facts

Interesting Bandag Trivia

  • December 1957: Bandag's founding father Roy Carver gains North American rights to the Bandag system from Berhard Anton Nowak in Darmstadt, Germany. The name Bandag comes from Nowak's initials (BAN), D is for Darmstadt, Germany and AG is German for incorporated.
  • January 1988: With Bandag's CEO Martin Carver at the wheel of the Bandag Bandit, a new world land speed record was set in his class, on Bandag Retreads at Bonneville Salt Flats; 150.918 miles per hour.
  • July 1998: A cast made out of Bandag retreads was created for a rhinoceros with an injured leg. The rhino lives at a wild life park in Texas. The cast was called "RhinoMax" and fashioned exclusively by a Bandag Dealer.
  • Visit Tyrone for some more interesting trivia and fun facts.

Bandag’s application-specific retreads are just what you need to cut costs and keep your vehicles rolling. We offer a choice of over 275 best-in-class, premium retreads, more than any other supplier. So you're sure to find durable, reliable, quality retreads that meet your fleet's grueling applications, at a lower price than new tires.

But premium products are only half the battle. Our retreading service has been offered by trusted Bandag dealers for over 45 years. And for added convenience, you can get retreads from your local Bandag dealer or any of 1,600 locations in North America. You’ll get the same standardized, comprehensive service too. So join the fleets that are reporting a savings of 20% or more when using our NO DETOURS™ solutions. Also, by combining our businesses, Bandag and Bridgestone Americas will better serve their customers by offering a comprehensive tire maintenance solution, with a complete line of Bandag retread and Bridgestone new truck tire offerings.

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